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Originally Posted by bluebunny View Post
You cant just go out shooting anything you like with an air rifle, you moron.
What you did was illegal,its against the law to be in possession of and to use an air rifle in a public place.A public place is anywhere that the public have access to.I hope next time you go out playing rambo you get arrested
You can as long as you don't get caught.

That's the whole point YOU moron.

It's funny though, I mean, why do we live in a world where we are not even allowed to catch our own food?

Your attitide Blue Bunny is symptomatic of the mind controlled thought prison that they try to lock us in.

Once the all powerfull government finds a way to stop making people need to eat food then I'll listen to your advice, but until then, the goverment is NOT GOD... so slide your ass out of here onto the next bus to trolltown!

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