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Originally Posted by psychick View Post
My kids are not vaccinated for the simple reason that l would not give them anything without researching it first.

A year after my eldest son was born one of my best friends gave her son the MMR jab. Within 12 hours this kid changed. He became violent, screamed his head off... went off his food.

Now, this sweet little boy prior to MMR jab is aged 12 and living in a special school for mentally disturbed kids

He basically went mad, was totally out of control. His parents aged about 30 years in 5 real time years due to looking after him. The child reverted to a baby and was so mentally disturbed they had no choice but to send him to people who could look after his needs. The mother had a breakdown and is now extremely depressed. She feels guilt and sorrow for what she did, by giving him the MMR.

Their marriage is in ruins over it. Their son is just incapable of looking after himself to the capacity of a 12 year old and having gone through all of this with them l would never, ever ever surrender to any vaccinations for my kids.

so tragic.... and noone to sue, noone to blame, noone to help - when it all goes wrong.

thats a sad story my friend. i only hope 2012 reveales all and she can get anwsers and justice for the crime committed against her child.
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