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my sister works with autistic children and there is not one of them that is unvaccinated, every single one has been vaccinated, that alone should say something.

how many of you were vaccinated when younger? i was so were my siblings and my parents (they were kids in the 50's) and my dad and i are really healthy, we almost never get sick, when everyone else is in bed for 2-3 days with flu, we have a sniffle and sore throat, my mom, brother and sister on the other hand are always sick, always a sniffle or a sore throat or cold, is it just that my dad and i have a stronger immune system? i've always wondered about that.

another thing that pisses me off is every winter, around now, the ads for the flu jab come around, and just about everyone i know that gets the jab, get flu, so what's the point? if you get it while out and about your body start forming antibodies, so why in god's name should i pay to get the flu? no one around me seems to get this and dutifully line up for a nice syringe of disease at the local pharmacy.
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