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Originally Posted by hokuspokus View Post
The above is what is known in forum circles as "A BIT RICH"
No....its what is known as an accurate comment. You failed as always to make any response to the post I made. Since I dont ever do're full of shite.

Your brainless bollocks about the illusionist bears no resemblance to the incidents being questioned.

Stalk someone else.....shivers
Originally Posted by Jay Windley
Never underestimate the power of the Internet to lend unwarranted credibility to the colossally misinformed.
Originally Posted by sts60
The funny thing is that such credophiles see themselves as sharp-eyed piercers of the veil, too sophisticated to be taken in by fakery. But they fall for almost anything that feeds into their convictions.
An analysis of Apollo Landing Sites. Truther: Search for truth means not defending a belief system at all costs! It means not ignoring solid contradictions.
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