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NWO piggy-backing on racial disgruntlement

I think we are currently seeing a giant psyop reaching its apogee with 'conservatives' being pitted against 'liberals' and visa versa

I believe this is all a divide and rule strategy on the part of the NWO cabal. I believe that they control both the 'left' and 'right' wings of government and that when they get a right wing party into government they pursue an aggressive foreign policy abroad that crushes any global resistance to the NWO and when they get a 'left' party in power they pursue aggressive social engineering as a domestic policy to prepare the western public for the NWO

For example the job of the republicans is to push wars that benefit zionist expansionism abroad and the job of the democrats is to destroy the US as a nation state from within

The NWO cabal are a globalist clique who want to replace all countries with a world government which they would control. Where i feel many people on 'the left' are misled is that I do not believe the cabal are seeking to build a utopia where the workers will own and control the means of production. I believe the NWO cabal is creating a technocratic gulag state where the workers will be hopeless slaves of the oligarchic elites

This is why i support brexit and why i'm opposed to the EU because the EU is simply a stepping stone on their planned route to world government. The EU is run by the 'commission' which is made up of unelected politicians who sit with corporate chiefs and dictate to them what to put in policy. In the OLD left we used to call this FASCISM. The NEW left on the other hand seems to have no problem with being part of a fascist EU superstate nor does it seem to have any issue with mega-corporations shutting down free speech.

To the OLD left the corporations, owned and controlled as they were and are by the oligarchic elites were the bad guys to be opposed by trade unions which sought to marshal the collective bargaining power of the workers against the ruthless profit motive of the psychopathic corporations

But the new left is:
-anti-free speech
-pro MASS immigration

So why is that? It seems to me from having listened to the views of many people online and having discussed these matters with them that a lot of people are motivated in their views not through class consciousness but through RACE-consciousness

This means that because the fascist corporate oligarchs are pushing MASS immigration as a way to break down national cohesion and identity within nation states so that they can be destroyed and their populations enslaved under a world government, many people who have a race consciousness and who are motivated purely by a desire to stick it to white people are then supporting this NWO corporate-fascist agenda

These so called 'leftists' are not looking at the bigger picture of where the capitalist oligarchs intend to take us all with this mass social engineering but are instead driven purely by a desire for an OPEN BORDERS policy because they wish to pursue their own racial agenda of making their identity group into the majority demographic

Some of these people dislike white people having a demographic majority in some countries and they wish their own identity group, be it brown, black, yellow (or religious) to become the demographic majority instead. They are in effect themselves RACIAL SUPREMACISTS who lambast white majorities for being 'white supremacists' for simply resisting their own supremacist actions that seek to make white people a demographic minority in every single country on the planet

This is of course deeply hypocritical and there is a sad lack of integrity it seems on the left these days that no one seems willing to address this issue; perhaps we need to ask: does MASS immigration into demographically majority white countries decrease racism as some progressives may claim or does it in fact just increase anti-white racism?

The absurdity of people separating into 'conservative' and 'liberal' tribes conceals this real racial motivation behind many peoples political views who are seeking to mask their true intentions behind leftwing moral high ground. As a result the 'left' has become colonised by anti-white racists of all kinds and far from the left being a vehicle for worker emancipation it has instead become a vehicle for anti-white racism

As we hear marxist professors call for ending 'whiteness' we have to wonder how white children will be treated in the playgrounds of the west as they become the minority while the very colour of their skin becomes derided by society and marginalised as some sort of defect?

'liberal' means open to change and 'conservative' means managing change. It should be apparent to anyone able to think clearly that as not all change is good that we all are 'liberal' at times and 'conservative' at other times. If i told you to put your head in an oven you would say 'no' and be conservative whereas if i said 'will you sell me your oven for £10,000?' you would become liberal....
I believe the public should have a say in their own fate and that is why i support free speech. Any media talking heads who argue that free speech must be curbed are arguing that the public should not be allowed a say in their own fate

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