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The Final Battle will be on Internet Freedom
12 hours ago

Karl Marx with a Turbo....

Karl Marx, the founder of communism, predicted, that the inherited tendency for capital to accumulate more and more in the hands of a few finally would lead to a revolution and the overthrow of the ruling of the bourgeoisie. The increased poverty of the working class and the enormous accumulation of wealth among fewer and fewer capitalists would lead to a too strong tension.

In the end, the workers would prevail, because of their advantage in numbers. After the abolishment of the gold standard and the deregulation of the financial markets, the global capital accumulation has gone completely mad. In his book, "The Superclass" from 2008 the Kissinger affiliate, David Rothkopf said that the 2000 biggest companies of the world had common assets of more than 100 trillion dollars(100 000 000 000 000)! According to the World Bank, the GDP of the entire world was 75 trillion dollars nine years after, in 2017!!! In short, a small group of banking families owns more than the rest of the world together. You don't have to be a genius mathematician to find out that his is an inevitable consequence of the monetary system itself, with banks counterfeiting money and demanding interest for it.
How to Prevent the Masses From Waking Up

The Superclass is very aware of the threat to their hegemony by the vast majority of the world population.

What they absolutely don't want is independently thinking individuals who can co-operate can organize themselves. Then they can forget world dominance. This is a list of their counter measures:

Dumb down the education.

Keep people busy with meaningless entertainment.

Control the Media.

Control the military and the police.

Control the money system, abolishing cash and free crypto currencies.

Promotion of culture where competition is more important than cooperation. The more we are separated from each other the less dangerous we will be to them.

Mass surveillance and control of the Internet.

Internet will be the final battlefield

With the development of Internet, many mass movements have started questioning the official agenda. One of the most prominent is the five-star movement in Italy. They were organized bottom-up through the blog of the stand-up comedian Beppe Grillo. They refused to take part in mainstream media interviews and is an example of a modern grass root organization built around Internet Technology. Their main issues were public water, sustainable transport, sustainable development, right to Internet access and environmentalism. Of course we almost never hear anything in mainstream media about this very important political event. If we hear something, it will of course be negative... It doesn't matter that they are currently heading the third biggest economy in Europe.

There is no way the hidden hand can keep control over humanity with a free Internet. There is just a matter of time until we have managed to spread enough information about things that really matters. Soon we will succeed to organize ourselves efficiently and democratically in order to create a new society based on human needs and respect. This is the real reason for the mass surveillance performed by the NSA, Google and other government agencies and companies under the excuse of combating terrorism.

There is no cause big enough to give up Internet freedom! We must fight with nails and claws to withstand all attempts from Facebook, Wikipedia, Google and other Internet Giants to do so. This is a matter of life and death and must be the No 1 priority for everyone who wants his children to live in freedom!!!
I believe the public should have a say in their own fate and that is why i support free speech. Any media talking heads who argue that free speech must be curbed are arguing that the public should not be allowed a say in their own fate
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