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From Symbols of Freemasonry by Daniel Beresniak:
"In the Cooke Manuscript (1410), one of the oldest known tests which deals with freemasonry, we read that: "At the time of the construction of the Temple of Solomon, begun by King David ... Solomon employed 24,000 Masons..."" - p. 26.

"The last descendant of Cain was Tubal-Cain, whose name means "the blacksmith of the Universe". The blacksmith is a man of knowledge who masters the four elements of earth, water, fire and air. He has a skill which can accomplish what knowledge only promises, ripping open the belly of the earth, extracting metals, forging tools and everything else he might want and need in order to become a king." - p. 34.

"The Two Pillars: A Symbol of Duality...
"...They announce the departure from a familiar world to an unknown one." - p. 44.

"For the Egyptians, the ear of corn was the emblem of Osiris and symbolised his death and resurrection." - p. 72.

"The great American Mason, Albert Pike (1809-91), was particularly fond of this degree. He wrote the longest book ever published about the rite, Morals and Dogma, which is known as the "Bible of the Scottish Rite". - p. 90.
Tubal Cain, means High Priest of Satan.
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