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From Alchemy of the Soul: The Eros and Psyche Myth as a Guide to Transformation by Martin Lowenthal:
"When Aphrodite, goddess of fertility, creation, and beauty, recedes from the scene, the world becomes desolate." - p. 120.

"From an alchemical point of view, Psyche is lunar, while Eros is solar." - p. 124.

"The sword is an alchemical symbol of the fire of consciousness that operates in the initial stage of the work of the nigredo, or black night, when the old ways go through their first death in their process of dissolution into their prima materia." - p. 126.

"Rising from the dead to another dimension of being and aliveness is called "transformation" and "quickening." In the story, as in alchemy, this transformational aspect of fermentation involves being infused by spirit (Eros) and rising, much as yeast bread rises. This process, in its maturing aspect, is likened to the creation of alcohol, particularly wine." - p. 144-5.

"The symbols that alchemists use for the final state include precious stones, gold, a child, salt, an Elixir ( the nectar of the gods and ambrosia of immortality). The Elixir and the Philosopher's Stone are considered the same essence, the Elixir being the liquid form, and the Stone being solid or powder."
"...Honey is a term for the Elixir, because it is sweet and golden in color. Honey is also another reference to the bee that is associated with Eros. Just as the Elixir is the wisdom principle of vitality, the Philosopher's Stone or diamond is the wisdom principle of clarity."
"...The stone is a transformative jewel that can turn base metals into pure gold, reactive experience into Wisdom, and you, as an earthly being, into the embodiment of sacred Wisdom and divine love." - p. 149.

"The final clear, indestructible diamond state is made of the same material as the soft, black coal of our beginning state of confused and reactive consciousness." - p. 150.

"Alchemical rapture results from the process of turning the lead of our everyday experience into the gold of Wisdom energy." - p. 151.

"Just as you ascend, along with Psyche and Eros, to become residents of the sublime realms of existence, so the alchemists aspired to a permanent state of higher consciousness they called the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life." - p. 156.

"Name/Symbol: Aphrodite (Roman: Venus; Egyptian: Isis; Sumerian: Inanna; Babylonian: Ishtar; Semitic: Asherah)
"Mythical Meanings: A Great Mother Goddess, goddess of love, marriage, sexuality, and childbirth. Associated with the ocean. Primal goddess of creation in some myths.
"Alchemical Meanings: Presides over the sexual union of the male and female seeds of metals/life at the chemical wedding. A force that makes the alchemical union possible." - p. 161.

"Gold of wisdom that is sought in alchemical work. The "golden fleece" is the name given to the parchment on which the secrets of alchemy are written." - p. 162.

"Name/Symbol: Grains/Seeds
"Mythical Meanings: Latent potentialities; fertility, growth; the Mystic Center.
"Alchemical Meanings: The essence or life spark of metals or the materials from which gold can be generated in the alchemical process. The mater for making the Stone that can reproduce itself." - p. 163.

"Hephaestus (Roman: Vulcan)... ...An archetypal alchemist and sometimes considered a symbolic founder of alchemy. Associated with the secret fire of the Work and sometimes on of the facilitators of the birth of the Philosopher's Stone." - p. 163.

"Name/Symbol: Hermes (Roman: Mercury; Egyptian: Thoth)
"Mythical Meanings: God of occult wisdom, communication, medicine, magic, letters, Logos, and learning. Transports souls and has great power over rebirth and reincarnation. Unites both masculine and feminine. God of crossroads.
"Alchemical Meanings: A central symbol of alchemy itself, representing the universal agent of transmutation. It is the alchemist's magical arcanum, the transformative substance without which the entire alchemical process could not happen. Carries the divine love essence which kills falsehood and illusion and allows truth to arise." - p. 163.

"Name/Symbol: Marriage
"Mythical Meanings: Union of Force and Wisdom, Life Force and Love, head and heart, lower and higher; death as extinction of sense of separateness or transition from one state to another.
"Alchemical Meanings: Critical operation in the creation of the Philosopher's Stone, also called the "chemical wedding." State where all forces are reconciled and work together in the creation of the gold of eternal wisdom. Union of creative power with wisdom to produce pure love." - p. 164.
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