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From Ancient Freemasonry: An Introduction to Masonic Archeology (1923) by 32° Freemason Frank C. Higgins:
"The reason why modern astronomers have until now failed to identify the so-called "Star of Bethlehem" as such is because they have not sought to find a different explanation for the phenomena than that given by the ancient tradition of a single star.
"Indeed, there is a record of a single star of extra-ordinary qualities appearing at this time in Chinese, Indian, Arabian and Persian astronomy." - p. 351.

"There are many details to cause us to lean to the opinion that there existed for ages throughout the East a curious community of Occultists, whose chief interest lay in the recurring manifestations of the phenomena just recorded. It has been identified as the star prophesied by Baalam." - p. 352.

"If the celestial phenomenon perceived by Kepler and traced by him the period set by sacred history as that of the birth of Jesus "of Nazareth," was a periodical occurrence, then we may travel back along the lane of time and note what signal events, if any, have corresponded with its previous manifestations." - p. 352-3.

"Going back still another period, we find our selves in the era B. C. 3977, when the whole Zodiacal scheme was approaching the form in which it is now familiar to us and when the Masonic formula of the four cardinal sings, to which we have already alluded, was adopted." - p. 354.

"The whole scheme of universal movement is cyclic, or a departure from and inevitable return to certain pre-ordained conditions. Upon this the doctrine of the immortality of the soul find its surest foundation." - p. 364.

"Starting from the initial mathematical hypothesis of spirit "three" and matter "four," came the seven planets (3+4) and their twelve "houses" (3x4). The total, "twelve," responded to the 3+4+5, established by the arithmetical philosophy, the number one to twelve added were "seventy-eight," or three times JHVH, the "Was, Is and Will Be," or thirteen times "six," coming back again to the great "mother" number." - p. 365.

"396+270 gives us "666," the number of a Man, which from its affinity to 18 (1--8=36, 1--36=666, also 6+6+6), unites it to the planet Mars, whose "first," or "night" house, is in the sign of the Ram, or Lamb, whose "day" house is in the "eighth" sign, that of Scorpio." - p. 366.

""Five" being the number of the sign Leo, and "six" that of Virgo, we have as another symbol of the so-called god "On," the Egyptian Sphinx, a lion with the head of a female, whose secret is the secret of Freemasonry." - p. 368.

"...144, the "square of twelve" and 180, the number of degrees in a triangle, both of the great cabalistic importance. The difference between them being "thirty-six," the Pythagorean numerical symbol of the sun. One hundred and forty-four multiplied by 180, however, gives us 25,920, the number of years in a complete precession of the equinoxes, during which the sun, by slipping back only fifty seconds of time, in the course of his apparent march around the circle of the year, finally retreats to his original starting point in the sign of the Lamb or Ram, after having established the equinoxes and solstices in every other sign successively for a period of 2,160 years." - p. 380.

"The "precession of the equinoxes" was the basis of the calendrical computations of the entire ancient world, whose contemplations of its mighty swing and infinite endurance lifted them higher into the realms of science and philosophy than any other single human consideration.
"The so-called "Golden Age," of which the ancient poets sang, when was the sun, at the vernal equinox was in the sign of the Lion, its own special domicile. This was followed by a "Silver Age," when the same season found the sun in the "house of the moon." The "Hermetic Age" relates to Hermes, or Gemini, the "house" of Mercury; the "Bronze Age" to Taurus, the "house" of Venus, to whom copper was sacred, and the "Iron Age" to Aries, the "house" of Mars." - p. 381.

"The metallic symbol of our present age is that of "tin," relating to Jupiter in Aquarius. These so-called "ages" will be found to exactly correspond with both poetic allusions to the past and scientific facts observed in the present. Another of Time's mysteries. Turn where we will to the calendar lore of the ancient world and we will find indisputable evidence that this 25,920 year period, together with its fractions and multiplies, was the standard measure employed in the constitution of all the sacred divisions of time.
"The Chaldean periods, known as the "Saros" and "Naros," were examples of this, as also the great Hindoo cycles, the "Kali Yugas," "Yugas," "Manavatars," "Kalpas," etc." - p. 382.

"...the passage of the spring equinox from Aries to Pisces, which was in A. D. 325.." - p. 385.

"It is a fact that the mysteries of Freemasonry are so indissolubly connected with those of the "Tarot" that students familiar with both are undecided as to which derives the most from the other." - p. 389.

"Now the four cardinal signs of the zodiac, which are commonly called the "Merkabah," or "Beasts of Ezekiel," which are at once a rebus of the Divine Name and the arms of the Masonic Order, represent the very elements given.
"The man, "air;" the eagle, "water;" the bull, "earth;" and the lion, "fire." These again are connected with the four letters of the Divine Name, as Jod or "J," "fire; first Heh or H, "water;" the vau or V," "earth,: and the second Heh of H, "air." - p. 391.

"The Gnostic sects, the Arabs, Alchemists, Templars, Rosicrucians and last, the Freemasons, form the Western chain in the transmission of occult science." - p. 394.

"In the centre of this lodge floor is, or should be displayed an eight-pointed star, like a rudimentary mariner's compass. This is just as often displaced by a five-pointed star, or a mosaic Square and Compasses, to be trampled under foot." - p. 417.

"[The keystone] is the absolutely oldest masonic amulet extant if we except the swastika, which once was but has ceased to be considered such." - p. 427.

"...when the ram first became the sign of the spring equinox (B.C. 1835)." - p. 441.

"The Swastika in its quadruple manifestation represented to the Jains the four grades of existence of souls in the material universe. The horizontal and vertical lines represented respectively "spirit" and "matter." Then the right arm represented archaic or protoplasmic life; the soul evolves from that state to the one represented by the bottom arm, the earth, with its plant and animal life; then the left arm signifies the human state and the upper arm the celestial stage of spiritual plane, on which the human soul is entirely freed from the bonds of matter... When a person has these he will certainly go higher until he reaches a state of liberation, which is represented by a crescent moon, which is always growing larger. A circle in the crescent represents the omniscient state of the soul, when it attains full consciousness, is liberated and lives apart from matter." - p. 457.

"We have already seen the Swastika to have a very pointed reference to the Sumpreme Being and indicative in India of a philosophy closely resembling that of the four Cabalistic worlds of emanation. Its four parts suggest the four letters or number of the "Tetragrammaton." It peculiar shape is unmistakably a suggestion of cyclic progression." - p. 462.
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