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From Ancient Freemasonry: An Introduction to Masonic Archeology by Frank C. Higgins:
"It is notable that both "Columba" and "Iona" mean "a dove," which was a symbol of the goddess Mylitta, who was also Isis." - p. 146.

"...the Swastika, geometrically considered a pure "Jehovah" symbol..." - p. 15.

"Our times periods and cycles express the arithmetical quantities of geometrical figures and the whole mechanism of the heavens is one huge geometrical scheme, or, rather, series of them." - p. 163.

"Therefore, as "666" is the sum of all the numbers in sequence from "one" to "thirty-six" added together, it is the "grand number" of the sun." - p. 185.

"Attendant upon the twelve signs of the zodiac are thirty-six stars, called "Decans"..." - p. 189.

"The association of the corner stone with Christian doctrine through the famous Biblical phrase "The stone that was rejected of the builders has become the head of the corner," has made it celebrated as a symbol, but this latter stone is the "cube" and not the "keystone," and only the wildest stretching of illogical misinformation could ever confound the two." - p. 200.

"The six sided cube was an emblem of the Zodiacal Virgin, ,the sixth sign of the Ecliptic, because the "cube of six, 216," is the sum of cubes of 3, 4 and 5, which to the ancients formed a numerical trinity, deemed symbolic of the creative "Logos," this word like the Hebrew "AL ShDI, summing a value of 345." - p. 201.

"The constitution of the "Ecliptic" as a plane, bounded by a circle of twelve constellations, called "Signs of the Zodiac," must have been equally ancient, because the existence of the "signs" as far back as the bronze age testifies to the knowledge of the facts." - p. 222.

"...the four symbolic beasts, the "cardinal" signs of the Zodiac..." - p. 234.

"the significant Masonic numbers "Three," "Five," "Seven" and "Nine"..." - p. 268.

"Three being accepted as the number of "spirit" and four that of "matter," we get three plus four, the number of planets, and three times four, the twelve sings of the Zodiac, not to speak of the 3+4+5, which we have already discussed." - p. 269.

"[Adam and Eve] were represented on the porch of King Solomon's Temple and of all other ancient Eastern temples, by the twin pillars, which did astronomical duty as the solstices and rendered metaphysical service as representatives of the "From Ancient Freemasonry: An Introduction to Masonic Archeology by Frank C. Higgins:. These, in the allegorical parlance of our remote forefathers wer the "male and female" principles." - p. 311.

"The ancient philosophy is here completely displayed in the obvious connection between the "male principle," or spirit, represented by the number "three," and the "female principle," or matter, represented by the number "four." The first symbolic of all the Trinities and Triads which have ever distinguished the most advanced human conception of Deity and which was represented by the Hebrew with the letter "Guemel," or "G," while the "four" stood for the four constituent elements of "matter," as considered by our ancient brethren, "earth, air, fire and water," symbolized by the four vails of the temple.
"These two numbers at a right angle constituted the original Masonic "operative square."
The hypotheneuse of a right angle triangle of "three by four" is precisely "five." This is the basis of the great triangle of Pythagoras which the Egyptians called the "All Seeing Eye."
"Ay one who has the curiosity to cut an apple in half, horizontally, will remark this number "five" as that of its five seeds disposed as a "pentagram."
"Here is our Adam and Eve puzzle just as the ancient seers intended us to receive it.
"So long as "three" remained "three" and "four" remained "four" there was no generation, but the moment the "five" was introduced the creative triangle was complete and man who hitherto had shared fruits and herbs with the beasts of the field, became a thinker and a builder." - p. 314-5.

"In this Osiris is sun symbolized "spirit," and Isis, moon symbolized "matter." Their son Horus is manifested nature, or the fertile and fructifying principles of earth." - p. 317.

"The Hebrew letter "L" is "thirty," while KDSh (Kadosh) is 324, or the sum of 144 and 180, both numbers of great cabalistic importance, which multiplied together, produce 25,920, the number of years in an entire precession of equinoxes." - p. 321.

" each of the great eras of the world's spiritual advancement, when the "Passover" from one to another set of "cardinal signs" for the solstices and equinoxes, it was found hard to displace the cults attached for the preceding 2,160 years to the superseded Zodiacal signs." - p. 325.

"When it reaches the Latin Vulgate, "I will be that I will be," becomes "Ero qui Ero," the number-letter value of which is the famous 666 of which we have so often spoken." - p. 334.

"Among the Gnostics and in the early Byzantine Church, the letter "M" was the symbol of the "Logos," as it was among the Baal worshippers of Phoenicia. It is often used instead of the letter "G" by Grand Orient lodges." - p. 335.

"Thirty-six, the mystery number of the sun and root of "666," surrounded by the three hundred and sixty degrees of the Zodiacal circle, divided into twelve signs of thirty degrees each." - p. 336.

"The sign of the winter solstice which followed that of the Ram was that of the Fishes, "the sign of the prophet Jonas," which occurred in B. C. 6155.
"Then came Aquarius, the Waterman, in B. C. 3995, originating the story of Noah and his flood, and the first Biblical mention of the three winter planets as Ham, Shem and Japhet, or the three patriarchs of the human race, following the aqueous downpour. The was the era which gave us the "Beasts of Ezekiel" and the 'Arms' of Masonry, the second, fifth, eighth and eleventh sings (2+5+8+11) giving us the symbolic "26," which means "Jehovah" (10+5+6+5)." - p 346.

"This was the Messianic Age and commenced with the literal Passover of B. C. 1835.
"Its first manifestation was the descent of this divine spirit in the form of the "Shekineh," which dwelt between the wings of the Cherubim on the tabernacle.
"The legends of Buddha are founded upon the same expectation, for it is told of him that when born of Maya, "the sun was on the Crab." - p. 347.
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