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From Ancient Freemasonry: An Introduction to Masonic Archeology by Frank C. Higgins:
""The crowning secret of the ancients, as well as of our own time, is that the study of the structural proportions of our universe as evinced in lines of force and direction, cyclic time periods, celestial areas and visible parts, reveals the fact that it is of definite form, perfectly balanced proportion and just such a synthesis of the principles of pure geometry as to show that the features exhibited are from the same causative source as that which geometrizes the snowflake, the crystal and the blossom. Hence the expressions used in Masonry of the Grand Architect and the Great Geometrician of the Universe.
"The ancient Egyptians adopted as the key to this great cosmic philosophy the famous Pythagorean triangle of 3x4x5 proportions, which is the basis of the celebrated forty-seventh proposition of Euclid. They called the three sides Osiris, Isis and Horus, considering the first two as spirit and matter and the latter as nature, evolved from the wedding of the other two. This triangle, represented as the 'Eye of Horus' and typifying the sun, became the 'All Seeing Eye' of Freemasonry." - p. 12.

"...known as J-H-V-H among the Jews, I-H-O-H in Phoenicia, I-H-U-H in Chaldea, H-U-H-I in Egypt, OK-HA-HU in India, HO-HI and FO-HI in China and I-O-W-A in ancient America." - p. 14.

"The great human headed, lion bodied, bull-horned and hoofed and eagle winged monsters which stood at the temple gates were symbols of Jehovah and rebuses of his name." - p. 26.

"The two pillars of the Semitic temples served the double purpose of the teaching of the 'dual principle' and the scientific truths connected with the precession of the equinoxes, for they represented the solstices, now figured by the Masonic St. John's Days, whose feasts occur on midsummer and midwinter days." - p. 38.

"The lion and the bull, symbols of sun and earth, were the ancient glyphs of the precession of the equinoxes, which consume a period of 25,920 years." - p. 48.

"Egypt has been correctly termed the "cradle of Freemasonry," although it is far from having been its birthplace." - p. 57.

"These may be briefly enumerated as the angles of 23½ degrees, that of the inclination of the earth's axis to the pole of the ecliptic and of the equator to the plane of the ecliptic, 47 degrees, or double the foregoing, which apprises their knowledge of the circumpolar motion; the precession of the equinoxes, the earth's orbit, equinoxes and solstices; the angles of 66½ degrees and 113½ degrees, which relate to the crossing of the plane of the ecliptic by the earth's axis and that of the equator by the pole of the ecliptic." - p. 73.

"The name 'Alhim' (Elohim) given to God, in the very first verse of the first chapter of Genesis, is an anagram of the geometrical Pi proportion of the relation of the diameter of a circle to its circumference, 3.1415. The ineffable Tetragrammaton 'JHVH' or 10-5-6-5, divided through the number 30, gives us 365,6, or the precise length of the solar.
"In this wise the sentence 'KDSH L JHVH,' or 'Holiness to the Lord,' which was written in Aramaic upon the mitre of the high priest of Israel, meant there are 25,920 (144 times 180) years of 365 days 6 hours each to a precession of the equinoxes.'" - p. 86.

"That the arts of embodying the secrets of the celestial revolutions, the ceaseless march of life giving and life sustaining cycles in sacred architecture were the original secrets of the 'masters' in Masonry no man who ponders on the subject long enough to gain its import can for a moment thereafter doubt." - p. 91.

"...the hypothesis that the Templars had, in their contact with the Eastern mystics, become infected with that remaining gnosticism..." - p. 103.

"...Baphomet , is but that of the secret name of the order reversed - "Tem. Ohp. Ab," or "Templi Omnium Hominum Pacis Abbas" ("The Temple of the Father of Peace Among Men") - and that whether the modern "commanderies be descended from them or not, the original Templars became "theosophists," or students of the occult, while resident in Palestine..." - p. 108.

"The so-called "secret doctrine," so many of the speculation of which crop out of every nook and corner of Masonic philosophy, was the correlated theory of both the material and spiritual constitution of our universe which was held in secret by the high initiates in the ancient religious systems." - p. 110.

"The branch of the "secret doctrine" most intimately connected with the structural development of Freemasonry is that of the Israelites, otherwise known as the Jewish Kabbalah." - p. 111.

"...we find the traces of a doctrine everywhere the same and everywhere concealed. This occult philosophy seems to have been the nurse of godmother of all religions, the secret lever of all the intellectual forces, the key of all divine obscurities in the ages when it was exclusively reserved for the education of the priests and kings.
"All natural phenomena depend on a single and immutable law - this law expressed int he Kabbalah by the number "four" furnished the Hebrews with all the mysteries of their divine Tetragram (J H V H)." - p. 112.

"...we may recognize allusions to [the Tree of Life] in well known symbols of nearly all the peoples of the ancient world, especially the figure of three three-pointed lilies upon a single stem, which as shown on the Jewish shekels of the Maccabees is called "Aaron's Rod."" - p. 117.

"It will be noted that these Sephiroth are divided into three vertical columns. These three columns were the true spiritual significances of the famous columns of the porch of King Solomon's Temple, viz.: "Wisdom, beauty, strenght," or the equilibrium of spirit and matter eventuating in the harmonies of the material world of which we are the inhabitants." - p. 118.

"Red was dedicated to Mars, because that planet is naturally of that color, being, in fact, the "Blazing Star" of masonic tradition." - p. 128. I dont get this. He says mars is the Blazing Star multiple times. He also praises Albert Pike multiple times, and Pike said the Blazing Star was Sirius.
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