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Originally Posted by iamwhoam View Post
From The Great Teachings of Masonry by H. L. Haywood:
"Night and day everlastingly succeed each other; the four seasons continue their endless circumambulations, like the candidate about the lodge room: the stars move about in their fixed orbits, the tides rise and fall, moons wax and wane, seedtime and harvest come and go, growth is followed by decay, birth is succeeded by death, and even the comet, once deemed the most capricious of all the major objects of creation, has been found to return upon his own path forever." - p. 19.

"The Kabbala is a work of Jewish mysticism. From it there may have come into Freemasonry, so there is good reason to believe, the Legend of the Lost Word, the Tradition of Solomon's Temple, the Tradition of the Substitute Word, the Great Pillars, etc." - p. 95.
Freemasonry is changing as I was told by an old schooler, along with the times if it needs to survive. All such publicly funded charities are dependant upon the majority of the lower and lower middle class or classes with half a brain, from and education system designed and brought to the masses by Masonry.

But the trail goes well beyond religion and by far the oldest and manipulative control system on the planet and done in such a way that the masses blindly support its affluence on which it feeds.

If one studies the hive you can easily see the hive mind and being a bee keeper helps to see the Varroa Destructor doing its thing, manipulating those they feed off of.

Just saying.
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