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Originally Posted by polyhedron View Post
Nobody can just join the Freemasons without recommendation and formal invite.
Actually, yes, you can just join the Freemasons. I did. On your petition, you need two Masons to sign the petition, but you are not invited to join.

They claim to be a democratic organisation that debates and promotes freedom, but in secret???
We are. Our leaders are regularly elected. There's nothing wrong or un-democratic with secrets.

The Popes must have been a bit on the slow side, given that the Masons built all of the Cathedrals and did work about the Vatican itself.
There’s a difference between Operative Freemasonry and Speculative Freemasonry.

Why would Popes pay a vast fortune to these particular people if they held them under such suspicion, and then decided at the drop of a hat, when they had become The Knights Templar to turn on them? Not likely really is it.
The Vatican didn’t denounce Freemasonry until 1738.

The Masons have rituals that they are clueless about? Some debates they must have in their parlours.
We have some great debates.

One would have thought, with so many people in high positions being Free Masons who apparently debate in secret the merits of democracy, that they might have had something to shout about say, during the Spanish civil war when the US backed Franco and other dictators.
Many? That seems like an exaggeration.

Not much freedom seems to come out of the Freemasons.
History shows otherwise.

The Monroe Doctrine was a Freemason sought of thing, given that it was Freemasons who formulated the Monroe Doctrine, as in the Sphere of US influence in the Americas and beyond in terms of deciding who can and who can't form a government in their own country.
You're for further colonization?

And all this by the Freemasons. By their fruits you shall know them.
Just because a Mason does something doesn't mean the fraternity was behind it. Masons are not controlled by the will of the fraternity. And your opinion on the Monroe Doctrine doesn’t constitute Monroe’s opinion on his own words.

The Freemasons are certainly not about workers union rights as some advocates of freemasonry proclaim.
You do not speak for Freemasons.

Everything the Freemasons have done throughout history has been ugly and without soul. They are the KGB of the Vatican.
What an ignorant statement.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."

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