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Default USA Dept. of Homeland Affairs, Act HR8791.

I have just seen a video on Youtube called 'Homeland security plans to kill USA citizens', re. an USA act called 'HR8791'. It is horrific, and I advise all to view it, immediately.

However, my interpfetation of it is different from that of some otner people. Reference is made to 'flesh eating', which some have thought to refer to aliens, but I think it could refer to flesh-eating bacteria. I also saw a YT video about residents of a town called Joplin, in the USA, 1,700 of whom who got bubonic plague, a flesh-eating disease, in May, 2011, following a hurricane. I have also seen a video on e.Coli falling in 'goo' from the sky in the USA in 1994, and others discussing a coming staged WW3 with China and Russia, over Western actions in the middle east,; the build up of coffins by Fema camps; and the approaching Planet X/Niburu/Annunaki. It seems to me that the US govt. may well be planning protective measures against flesh-eating bacteria, and the effects of various bacterial agents upon the populace.

If aliens are being planned for, I don't think they're involved in this act. 'Spewing' seems to be mentioned, i.e. ill effects. Also, 'flesh-eating', also ill effects. Also, growth and an inhuman strength, also perhaps related to illness.

However, mention is made, 'in the event of' ... "in an urban area' 'diverting first responders'/emergency care to outside the area, and of instead 'sending aircraft in to deal with' ... 'huge growth and inhuman strength'. So, perhaps aliens are involved, or agents which cause such effects in humans/alien hybrids.

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