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Originally Posted by luciferhorus View Post

What I am stating here is that

1: There is no evidence which would appear to establish any form of "proof" that Majed is still alive. In the absence of such proof or "evidence" that he is still alive, I would ask you to offer evidence that he is still alive.
I can't, he is dead.

2: with regards to the BBC article below, there would appear to be "evidence" that, for example Waleed Al Shehri is still alive
Did you happen to read the bottom of the article from the BBC that was written on 9/23/01?

Originally Posted by BBC
(Note: An update on this story was published in October 2006 in the BBC News editors' blog)
I suggest you read it:

Well I don't have the ability to measure the hole; I am merely referring to the hole in the photographs prior to the collapse in the wall which the Boeing aircraft dissapeared into; perhaps you could supply the size of the hole yourself.
Sir, you are stating that the hole was tiny. Are you implying that it was to small to have been caused by flight 77?
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