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Originally Posted by fudgetusk View Post
Yeah we get it, he was Jewish, get him.
When I see jews in prominent positions , being pushed by the media , made out to be wonderful ... And doing work supportive of the NWO agenda, then I hear alarm bells ...

90% of prominent NWO operatives are Jewish and this covers the whole spectrum from the top bankers , rothschilds ...politicians like may and merkel ... to household names like gates , musk, branson .. all carrying forward their segment of the NWO agenda... they , I suggest , are front faces , like einstien , they are directed by unseen backroom people , they are reading scripts prepared for them.

Not only did einstin's work lead physics into a dead end , he was a big supporter for the founding of israel , and without his pressuring President Truman the A Bomb would never have been built.
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