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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
Get yourself out there and prove he is thick and doesnt know about anything.

I like science and spiritual stuff but I wouldnt call him stupid and thick because he adheres to mainstream science and ignores anything spiritual. I can see exactly why such people are dismissive about spiritual matter and we have to just accept that there will be plenty of people who wont agree with such possibilities until you can repeatedly demonstrate it to them. If it cant be demonstrated to them then you cant really criticise them for not believing in it.
I think you can criticise them, because they're denying the big picture reality.

Not everything can be repeated and measured.

Why not dismiss the love of a mother for a child? it can't be empirically proven, so we should probably label it 'woo' and mock anyone who believes it has value.

As for proving anything to Cocky, no need. He'll do what he's told. If and when his masters decide to change the paradign, he'll dance like a puppet to the new tune.
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