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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Explained in the first post.

I don't 'like' paranormal phenomena, I just consider it important. Because it is obviously a thing.

And I dislike foppish gits who claim it isn't because 'we understand science so well' when theoretical physics is headed in the opposite direction to that claim (as well as covert research into remote viewing and psi phenomena etc.).

He is either monumentally stupid or just trying to trick a bunch of frustrated old housewife ducks who watch banal morning TV into keeping their heads up their asses with his effeminate pretty-boy 'expert' routine.
Get yourself out there and prove he is thick and doesnt know about anything.

I like science and spiritual stuff but I wouldnt call him stupid and thick because he adheres to mainstream science and ignores anything spiritual. I can see exactly why such people are dismissive about spiritual matter and we have to just accept that there will be plenty of people who wont agree with such possibilities until you can repeatedly demonstrate it to them. If it cant be demonstrated to them then you cant really criticise them for not believing in it.
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