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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
Why get all defensive about this? he is a material scientist who doesnt believe in ghost. Its his choice. Most scientists wont accept something unless it can be repeatedly demonstrated to them and even then they may disregard it, so its no shock.
My response isn't defensive; it's offensive (as in going on the offense, not 'taking' offense).

It doesn't matter to me what Brian Cox thinks, only that he has an immense amount of pop media power, and a single glib response like this can have massive repercussions on impressionable minds, especially young people.

People can read or see a single thing early in life, find it superficially persuasive and then internalise that belief and never question it again for the rest of their life. The blinkers go on.

The point isn't 'ghosts', it's consciousness v. materialism and the criminally fraudulent nature of materialist propaganda in mainstream culture.

The most insidious attack on humanity imaginable is to get it to collectively believe it is nothing but 7 billion electrically-animated sacks of blood and meat.

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