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Default Brian Cock - I mean Cox - on Why Ghosts Aren't Real

Brian Cox, aka Cocky, The Big Cock, the Cockmeister General, aka the poster-boy for materialist dipshits the world over, on why ghosts aren't real:

Spoiler: Hardly worth watching, but the question is posed at 03:52 and this is what he says when asked if ghosts are real:

"Again, no, sadly I think.

As far as we stand, as far as we can tell, and we understand science very But I don't want to ruin Halloween!"
This disingenuous bullshit ranks right up there with Neil Degrasse Tyson explaining UFOs aren't real because "it's impossible for them to get here" and Richard Dawkins figuring out that there's no God (the strawman he hides behind and uses to dismiss the possibility of transcendent consciousness after death) because "there's so many different gods."

"...we understand science very well"
...according to The Cock.

So well in fact, that neuroscientists have NO IDEA where consciousness is produced in the brain, how it might produce it, or even if the brain is the source of consciousness (spoiler alert: it isn't).

But apparently he understands science well enough to know that 'ghosts' (and he obviously means any 'paranormal phenomena') aren't real.

It would be funny in a pathetic kinda way if it weren't for the fact that all these slick, vacuous conman weasels of the Materialist Prison-Mind Complex are actually taken seriously by the bewildered and the comfortably smug.

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