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Originally Posted by breaker View Post
Planes run on fuel not water,
Water is produced as part of the exhaust process. How can you not know this?

if I were to boil a tank of water containing 10,000 gallons of water in my garden would it cause a localised fog?
Do clouds form at sea level? If you did it during a period where fog was occurring, then yes

No mate, there’s a wealth of unproven bullshit to play down chemtrails and never an official explanation.
You've got it arse backwards mate. Chemtrails is the unproven bullshit bit. There is plenty of explanation for contrails.

Why has no trustworthy research group investigated chemtrails and released their true finding or proof that chemtrails are innocent contrails?
Yeah good idea Dear evil poisoners, please analyse the skies because some very daft people think you are using passenger jets for nefarious reasons

Can you explain why I’ve never come across any mention or explanation from MSM?
Yes. Because chemtrails is a pile of shite and pandering to conspiracy delusions doesn't tend to be the done thing. Notwithstanding, if they DID do it, you people would call them liars

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