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"...In the living moment, a living moment that exists now but you see as the future, you will be so-called looking back and sharing with other beings throughout this Omniverse and cosmos those times that you were able to share on this Earth planet — times where you learnt your Divine Love."
—EMMANUEL, February 18, 1988. The Living Word Of God

A vast network of organised and synchronised gamma ray bursts has switeched on over the galaxy, with properties of ultra high order and synchronized beams in a geometrical array. Leading some astrophysicists to boldly raise the question of this being an "Internet" for "Communication of Extraterrestrial Intelligence" (CETI).
This network appears to be beaming in a rance that is effecting planetary worlds, using suns as gravitational lenses (like parabolic dishes), and retuning the worlds within their holographic phase-conjugate network (also sharing traits that betray signs of superconductivity).
In an OTI [Omni-Temporal] contact with Emmanuel, June 1988, when I was still a teenager and oblivious to the research field, the Manu?s of Emmanuel predicted the galactic beam activation, stating that there is a:

"Vast flow going into Earth through the poles. And this flow is speeding up and is beginning to affect all of Earth. ~In the centre Earth heartÉ the cosmic Sun is intensifying, is growing.
"We are from the galactic realms. We have beamed this information through an Aetheric beam. This information has blended and has been incarnated through the energy of the sun, using it as a body to flow through. But this energy comes from the galactic centre."


The Aetheric in fact is the Santilli Hadron physics novel 5th force, that is now a reality changing fact... As we document in the book THE MANU, the precise superconducting-like beams have been recorded to use our sun as a lense, and are highly tuned "beams" that exhibit intelligent coordination, coherence, and information, which is effecting the planet (along with the many science papers that heavily evidence this alarming fact), and the biological genesis emerging in result, is fully documented.

[NOTE: other findings on the Aether beams transposed to the Vortexijah rotation and torsion, in transparency with Time Gate fractal temporal golden morphology, see the article: AETHERIC OTI GALACTIC BEAMS & TIME GATE, at the end of this page]

Since, the human race is in the midst of an pantropeia of saturation of a source signal that is effecting the foundations of our world and our biological structure, and is behaving with Intelligence, ANY communication from aledged sources displaying clear foreknowledge of these events and the purpose of them MUST be examined...
In our OTI contacts, it was some 8 years at least preceeding the major science observations... Not only that but the ETI/OTI, renderred names that also happen to be the same names attributed to ETI/OTI in the earliest manuscript of the human race (uncovered 14 years following these contacts, through research). In this manuscript, is time coded the VERY SAME message for our time, and the events that are now transpiring. These are strong statements, which we are laboreously documentingÉ For mankind is in the crux of an emergencey or emergence of something utterly Novel, a Macro Attractor Field of sorts, a galactic (even indications of a universal) Unified Field Object (UFO).

A Glimpse Of The Manufesting NEW UNIVERSE & The NUMINOUS In Our Midst
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