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Multiple selves in parallel universes are the basis of the martial arts/sci-fi movie "The One" (2001) starring JET LI. The protagonist is a man who works for the MULTIVERSE AUTHORITY that polices interdimensional travel. One of his alternate selves wants to eliminate his other selves in order to become an immortal, god-like, being called "The One". The film was written by two writing partners (JAMES WONG and GLEN MORGAN) who had been early writers/producers/directors recruited for the paranormal hit TV series "The X-Files", created by CHRIS CARTER who would recruit Wong and Morgan again for his TV series "Millenium", also aired by FOX.

The Rebel (instigator of the Great Work) similarly wants to eliminate the weaker life forms as it evolves to become the 'perfect' survivor. For more information and articles see my website.Click here:

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