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Should we accept aliens?

I think looking at the world n human nature This Question is backward

Reptilians & ET Races
Should we accept aliens?

I think the question is; Should Exteratresial accept us man kind.

Now each of here are involved with many topics. many i know very well. My way is tolerant of other ideas. But also very vigilant in protecting that tolerance.

The Freedom of tolerant. the simplest of thing seem hardest for people to fix.

Why dose a dog or a cat accept a human as pack leader.

Reptilians & ET Races
Should we accept aliens? These people's extera tressial far older then us. These seen these behaviors before. they known us since we were conceived.

When look at the image of the Omega there is a Ape like man appears. The 1st. They were recording of that event. It can be displayed it is displayed here or, will be.

We have had no choice but to except exteratrisserial. The Earth is just 1 oburse little rock in a very rich universe. with no friends.

Ask your self each of us. why would they want us there in space.

they already command it Space
University of Victory i believe estimated the Object as large as 15 mile in diameter bigger if there farer back they much larger.

This is mankind's reality
FULL Uncut NASA STS-75 Tether UFO Sightings

What would make them think..... Humanity might make a good addition.

There nutterz every where. but there also a lot of very good people. who really want this change
unemployables peoples world wide need housing how to.

the above link is question of human empathy for those who are weakest in sociality. Those who can not fit in with what we call normale behavior, Which should be seen with compassion. fixing the problem

Humans in space rightttttttttttttt.

There solution They point the people out who make this happen. The Provenice or the STATE

Has decided to ignore the problem. an call in the the hobnailed boots. to remove there people Which these are people who places these the weakest of people into these condition. and remove them. forcing them to find another spot.

Each one of us from every nation on this site could add to these link simple problems by passed by over administration misleading statement. artificially inflated Gas prices. the whole things like a bunch of clowns in 3 ringed circus.

but reality is to this question ; We have no choice but to except exteratressials. It born in to us. We are part of this equation and become assimilation of the truth. then understand.

I mean really we are all live. an that big statement in it self. especially when look at word like tolerance.

Skys Much love great topic
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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