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I care so much that i would die for, My believe's. an because I understand I have no fear doing. ;-)

HE I don't by the ET visiting from Zata Just like i do not by every things a UFO. In many cases. we see technology developed years before. Such air lift multi rotor's fan jets. The US develop a foot round ball with simple 6 sided thruster to help astronauts in space.

All of sudden that a UFO. mean while we watch the whole development of the project.

this what it looks like. I play this video not for the REAL ufo but show man propagation of the lie. This video has both real UFO an many fakes We see the Ball Drone We see the air lift. re see several UFO fly bys.

It Came Out of the Sky - CCR Lyrics ufo

The ones we see that are the most dramatic. Well there they mostly fakes. UFO enter the water probably CGI The Helicopter CGI.

ET don't work like that. that the monkey brain working in Maximum OverDrive in order to propagate your next opinion.

Let you know they have to capture an contain torrer these intelligent creators. Why there KNOWLEDGE.

The whole time the state running multi scams in order to hide what there doing. All under the giess of We doing it for humanity an ET will think we just another primitive civilization developing. Well there wrong. ET knows an that why the book written the way it is. An the people that pay. you an me its a stain on us

This why i'm try my best to be clinical about what i am doing.

I posted few new never before seen images of the passed weeks. on the left hand side of several shots there a Gray look right at us.

an that how they really work out sight out mind as they say. I Often put them right in front of the person.

Much love all. my chat binger gone CrAzZy

Play safe an have fun Sky's
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz
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