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Because she lets stuff like this happen.........Judges no longer have to declare themselves freemasons!!!!!!..............taken from UGLE webpage..........Brethren, those of you who were present in Grand Chapter last month would have heard my statement to the English Craft in general relating to the announcement by the Justice Secretary that judges and other members of the judicial system no longer have to declare that they are Freemasons.

The President of the Board today has given a more detailed explanation of the events leading up to this change and of the success that has been achieved in combating discrimination in the Government, Local Authorities and other parts of the public sector.

Brethren, we are all pleased that at last - what we have always seen to be an injustice – is being remedied and that, hopefully, we will no longer be subjected to this unfair discrimination. However I make no apology for stressing again that this does not mean that there is no need for you to disclose that you are Freemasons. You should continue to use common sense and disclose your membership whenever it is appropriate to do so. In any cases of doubt you should err on the side of disclosure, and we should all show our pride in being a member of our Order.

more elite secrecy.........
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