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Arrow Pig Saracen

The FV603 Saracen Weight 11 t was the armoured personnel carrier of Alvis' FV600 series. Besides the driver and commander, a squad of 8 soldiers plus a troop commander could be carried. Most models carried a small turret on the roof, carrying a Browning .30 machine gun. A .303 Bren gun could be mounted on an anti-aircraft ring-mount accessed through a roof hatch and there were ports on the sides through which troops could fire. Although removed from active service, it saw extensive use into the 1980s in Northern Ireland and was a familiar sight during "The Troubles". At times they even appeared on the streets of Hull, a less-hostile atmosphere for driver training in a city of similar appearance to Belfast, and only a few miles from the Army School of Mechanical Transport..

The Humber Pig Speed 64 km/h was a lightly armoured truck used by the British Army from the 1950s until the 1990s. The Pig was also used by the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) for a short period during the late 1960s and early 1970s, who painted their Pigs in Admiralty Grey, rather than the standard Army Deep Bronze Green gloss (BS381c colour 224).. From 1976 all army vehicles (except public duties vehicles and some specialist vehicles) were painted NATO green (BS381c colour 285) in a matt finish paint with IRR (Infra-red reflecting) properties. The Pig became particularly well known from its presence on the streets of Northern Ireland
during the worst of the Troubles... once said that peacekeeping is not a soldier's job, but only a soldier can do it!. A promise..I am warning you. Something terrible is coming.. And once it starts, nobody will be able to stop it..We're gonna stay to bear witness to what the rest of the world doesn't want to see!..

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