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Originally Posted by Caliphrepose View Post
I want to try to help anyone suffering from night terrors, and Djinn harassment, or anyone curious about trying to use 3rd eye, or stop thinking, or experience out of body experience. The 3rd eye is how Djinn "remote desktop" humans. I believe, based on working theories and decyphering television and popular culture/history, that our reality is a program. I speculate, based on how the djinn operate, that humans may have programmed this computer/artificial intelligence system, as it seems to be hardwired/killswitch conditioned that they cannot cause a human suffering without their consent. If they make a contract with a human, they no longer require consent.

You have to invite the Demons/Djinn/Angels, before they can contact you. You can summon the djinn, inadvertantly, by repeating rhyming words from your television programming. The programming indicates that we as humans cast spells with words when we ryme them, like verbal voice commands while in simulation. You wear Nike, sing songs by mainstream artists, and you may be visited by a djinn. The endgame for all dealings with Djinn, they want to acquire legal posession of your soul to be used as fuel for the stars. They play good co, bad cop and everything in between to achieve this. I can explain a lot more, but the main thing Id like to emphasize is that if you tell them to leave, they have to leave. If you make a contract with them things WILL get worse. Dont invite them, dont activate 3rd eye or experiment with "how to stop thinking" videos etc... without doing massive research.

Closing note, some people invoke the name of Jesus to scare demons away, and it works, not because Jesus is holy (he may have had a Djinn for all we know) but because crying out for help is a withdrawal of consent. And Djinn must obey human commands. Dont make it a tough guy thing, like flexing on them just withdraw consent and make it verbally clear that djinn, demons angels spirits etc are not welcome. Taking it a step further, compose and verbally state ryhming words that ban the Djin from your home, your person and your family. I dont know how it works, I just know I dont want to ever deal with the djinn.
Thank you for your advice.
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