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I watched Russell Brand's video regarding CIA torture, and to be honest I thought it was good. Thank you for the link White Light.
I don't believe he is "one of them" at all, I believe that many people are looking far too much into him, yet can't get past his success, wealth, clothes, relationships, and all the other symptoms that go along with celebrity fixation.
When "conspiracy theories", as THEY like to cheapen the subject, first grabbed my attention, I didn't blindly follow what I'd been told, I read into both mainstream and alternative media, researched videos and podcasts, compared and collated the information, weeded out the crap and formed my own opinion, as rational human beings like ourselves should do.
Russell Brand is just another of those messengers, no more or less valid than Richard D. Hall or David Icke. If only a small percentage of his many subscribers and followers get out there and read into a particular topic that he may mention, then we will have a lot more people accumulating opinions and knowledge with which they can further inform and share with others, maybe one day we will all be bearers of truth.
The Question Time debacle was just that, an intentionally constructed panel set up with a controversial wow factor to reel an audience in, every TV listing was Brand/Farage with little to no mention of the other three panellists. Once everybody is watching then set the plan in motion for Nigel Farage and Russell Brand to tear into each other, hopefully negating each other's views to make them both look bad. Add in to that a few planted studio stooges to stir the spoons and they pretty much got what they wanted... Sensationalism!
Do they see Russell Brand as a threat? You can safely bet that they do, yet they give him coverage in the hope of undermining what he has to say, hoping to make it invalid. If they fail this way, they'll invent something or completely bury him in time.
OK, nobody has to agree with everything Russell Brand has said, or throw themselves behind all of the subjects that he advocates, (the same goes for David and Richard too), there will always be a few areas that are met with a hearty "Pffft!".
However, just by these people having the guts to put it out there, and we as seekers of the truth actually going away and researching, reading, and making up our own minds, not blindly following, creating divisions and believing every nuance without question, then we can all get several steps closer to the real truth and maybe the power really will be in the people's hands someday.
Yeah, so Russell Brand is egotistical and narcissistic, but I've seen enough of his work to know that he'd be the first to admit it too. I for one am giving him the benefit of the doubt, to me, he is another source for information, and at least he is using his position to get it out there, whether the people accept it or not, it's their choice.
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