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Originally Posted by pi3141 View Post
Ford's Hemp powered and produced from Hemp car running on Ethanol produced from Hemp or Potato.
There's nothing controversial about the idea we can make alcohol from vegetable matter, it just takes a lot of land.

Paper production from Hemp being more efficient and having less environmental impact than traditional paper production.
I don't think there's anything unscientific being said here.

Salters Duck as a method for producing electricity more efficiently (cost effective) than nuclear.
Salters ducks have been around for a long time, they're not crank science. You need lots of them and be prepared to maintain them (especially after storms). Imagine the power loss you'd suffer after a storm which smashed them all up. The maintenance costs on these things would be substantial.

I'm skeptical that they'd really be that cheap or practical.

An 'everlasting lightbulb' has been produced (in a variety of ways) with significantly greater life span than normal bulbs resulting in less environmental impact, cheaper product in the long run for the consumer.
Lots of modern products are deliberately built with 'planned redundancy'. This isn't crank science either, but it's not really got anything to do with 'free energy'. If you want to start making super-long life lightbulbs, there's no conspiracy stopping you.

A car running on water and a small amount of Alluminum
Aluminium does produce hydrogen in water, but I don't believe that story because unless you alloy the Aluminium with Gallium or some other appropriate element, the Aluminium quickly stops reacting after forming an impermeable layer (similar to the dull sheen it gets in air from the thin impermeable layer of oxide). There's a professor at Purdue working with an Aluminium/Gallium compound at the moment, but it's not as efficient as claimed in the article, and the process is not yet as cost-effective as using petrol.

And I have asked if you believe capitalism will ALWAYS result in the best and most efficient products coming to market.
No, but neither is there a conspiracy operating to suppress ideas. They're either workable but not as efficient as the inventors claim, or they simply don't work at all (like MEG and Orbo).

If somebody found a way of generating energy without fuel.
I've yet to read a story where somebody claims this that wasn't an obvious fraud.

Are you still researching these suggestions or will you now answer if they are or are not 'bullshit' ideas as you stated most turn out to be.
None of the things I've discussed in this post are free/fuel-less energy ideas, which are the kind of ideas I was talking about. I've various mentioned renewables before in a positive light. I'm talking about perpetual motion/static magnetic fields/'vacuum energy' crank devices like MEG and Orbo when I used the term bullshit.

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