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The Bosnian pyramids info starts at 4.0.

The amazing stone spheres are intriguing.

This will help you understand what you were seeing at the last link. Also some varying images.

pyramid. You may already have this posted. The lines are so sharp I wanted to post it.


Site: You will need a Dutch to English translator

My favorite. How exquisitely beautiful, mysterious, and interesting Bosnia is. Don't forget to flip the pages and see it all.

Don't miss the story of Azbaha on page 3... interesting!

I am curious about what river this poster was referring to. He seemed to have said it out of the blue without quoting anyone and so I was unsure. I was interested in whatever was named "Una" however, as Odin refers to an "Una" in his nine herbs charm.

This was posted further down on page three.
Originally Posted by rockinfreakapotamus
btw the river's name is Una, not Uno... although, the meaning is the same both ways. smile
Here's a summary of Dr. Osmanagic’s book:
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You've been up all night just listening for his drum
Hoping that the righteous might just might just might just might just come
I heard the general whispering to his aide de camp
Be watchful for Mohammed's lamp
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