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Originally Posted by hyperborean View Post
Absolutely, it is!

The drawing was drawn in the 13th century. It shows the coronation of the Bosnian King.

It appears obvious that people during the medieval period were aware of the existence of pyramids in Bosnia.

There are other symbols of highest importance in that drawing, i.e. spirals, stecak (tombstone), the cross fixed on a sphere etc.

Yes, indeed, history needs to be rewritten.

Guess how much I enjoy this moment!

P.S. Religion also needs to be rewritten
Well, thats proof that there has to either

a) Be a cover up - literally - of the pyramids or

b) people abandoned the area and genuinely forgot about 3 huge lumps of concrete...

I'm going for option 'a' personally. There is something inside or under those pyramids that someone doesnt want made public.
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