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Default Dead BBC reporters

This isn’t quite paedophilia, but it’s about famous actress and member of the CFR, Angelina Jolie, telling how she was initiated into a secret society in a sick S & M ritual (this video could quickly be removed):

I won’t do a full story on the notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile, because this is already widely known. Furthermore Savile was not very close to the movie industry (but more to the British Royal family and music industry)...

Crimewatch host Jill Dando was told that DJs, celebrities and other staff of BBC were involved in sexual abuse. She passed a file to senior management in the mid-1990s, which included sexual abuse by “surprisingly big names”.
She was disgusted that images of children and information on how to join this paedophile ring was freely available.
Of course, nothing was done...

In 1998, Jill Dando joined a campaign to help children spot paedophiles.
Dando was also looking into the death of her friend, Chelsea vice-chairman Matthew Harding, who was killed in a mysterious helicopter crash in 1996.
On 26 April 1999, aged 37, Jill Dando was shot dead with a single muffled bullet to the skull on the doorstep of her home in west London, moments after stepping out of her car.
Part-time stuntman Barry George was jailed for the killing in 2001, but his conviction was overturned in August 2008 following the emergence of fresh evidence. The crime is still “unsolved”.

Only after he died, in 2012, some of Jimmy Savile’s crimes were exposed. Jill’s fellow BBC presenter Sally Jones said that Savile had tried to kiss and grope her in a lift in the late 1980s. DJ Liz Kershaw and former Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly have also claimed they suffered sexual harassment at the BBC in the 1980s.

Starting in 2011, investigative reporter Liz MacKean exposed Jimmy Savile and the culture of paedophile protection at the BBC.
MacKean quit in 2013, after executives shelved her investigative work into the paedophile ring surrounding Jimmy Savile. The BBC spent the next few years destroying her reputation.
On 18 August 2017, Liz MacKean was found dead (aged 52). According to the BBC she died of “complications from a stroke”:

Liz MacKean told Panorama after she was told by the editor of Newsnight, Peter Rippon, that her investigation wouldn’t be broadcast by the BBC:
I was very unhappy the story didn’t run because I felt we’d spoken to people who collectively deserved to be heard. And they weren’t heard.
I thought that that was a failure… I felt we had a responsibility towards them. We got them to talk to us, but above all, we did believe them. And so then, for their stories not to be heard, I felt very bad about that. I felt, very much, that I’d let them down.
See the following video, with BBC producer Meirion Jones, Liz MacKean, and George Entwistle (a BBC-executive involved in the cover-up).

It’s apparently quite dangerous to work for the BBC.
In August 2014, former BBC DJ, Mike Smith, died of “heart surgery complications”.
BBC comic Rik Mayall, also died of a heart-related “incident”, despite his wife declaring on the day of his death: “At least we know it’s not his heart as he’s just had a check-up and been given the all-clear”. Earlier Rik Mayall was nearly killed in a quad-bike accident.

BBC-presenter Peaches Geldof tweeted the names of child-abusers connected to Ian Watkins. She was found dead of a “heroin-overdose”.
BBC children’s presenter Mark Speight was implicated in the death of his girlfriend Natasha Collins in 2008. He subsequently disappeared and was found hanging. Mark Speight had worked with convicted paedophile Rolf Harris. Mark Speight was a spokesman for Childline, which supposedly protects abused children.
BBC DJ Kevin Greening reportedly killed himself in a “gay bondage session that went wrong”.

According to the following story, also the deaths of Kristian Digby, Kevin Greening, and Paula Yates are suspicious:

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