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Lightbulb Scrambled

For Rebel 21..
Gulf War (109/111 - Desert Storm..

Broadcast (New Zealand/112 of 374) 17th January 1991..

Cochrane is also a noted sailplane pilot who flies an ASW-27 with the callsign BB -Lt. Col. Don Kline said he had not expected the total lack of resistance from the Iraqi pilots - You remind me of a tomcat I owned in Jerusalem, Michael," said Shmuel Ovnat, Israel's Ambassador to New Zealand..He was doing his final tour of diplomatic duty for his country..Although very pleasant, New Zealand was not the top of the pole when it came to diplomatic postings..He was of Belorussian descent, short and nuggety with ginger hair and had fought for Israeli independence in the 1948 uprisings against the British Army... the view?..That's right, Lightning, take good care of poor old Uncle Tom..By the time he arrived in the lofty chamber, with Rex behind him, Simon had all the lights switched on..The silence that followed was a little awkward and in it, all three plainly heard a muffled scratching noise that seemed to come from a large wicker basket...

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