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Arrow Rashtriya Indian Military College

Bal Vivek-(Strength and Conscience)..
RIMC was established in 1922 by the British Empire for training native Indian cadets for an entry into the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to be trained as officers of the British Indian Army.. The Prince Edward, The Prince of Wales, inaugurated the school on 13 March 1922, naming it the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College.. The name was changed in 1947 when India became independent...After India gained independence in 1947, the school continued to train young men to become a part of the Indian Armed Forces.. The major difference is that instead of serving as a public school whose boys joined the RMA, RIMC now offers an excellent public school life, oriented towards joining the NDA..To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehra Dun (1922-1997) 2.00 "Cradle of Excellence" stamps were produced;..As you put on fresh new clothes and take off those you've worn,You'll replace your body with a fresh one, newly born..

Little Buddha..

Strength of the college increased significantly in 1960 and it was decided to keep the new entrants in a Holding Section to give them a chance to settle down..In 1965, the strength of the college rose to 200 and it became necessary to turn the Holding Section into a new House, which was called the Chandragupta Section after the Indian Emperor Chandragupta Maurya.. (Sanskrit: चन्द्रगुप्त मौर्य; (340 BC – 298 BC) was the founder of the Maurya Empire and the first emperor to unify most of Greater India into one state..In foreign Greek and Latin accounts, Chandragupta is known as Sandrokottos and Androcottus.. He became well known in the Hellenistic world for conquering Alexander the Great's easternmost satrapies, and for defeating the most powerful of Alexander's successors, Seleucus I Nicator, in battle.. Chandragupta subsequently married Seleucus's daughter to formalize an alliance and established a policy of friendship with the Hellenistic kingdoms, which stimulated India's trade and contact with the western world..In Buddhist tradition, Chadragupta Maurya was a member of the Kshatriyas and that his son, Bindusara, and grandson, the famous Buddhist Ashoka, were of Kshatriya lineage, perhaps of the Sakya line.. Along with his grandson, Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya is one of the most celebrated rulers in the history of India and is also known as Samrat Chakravartin..(Sanskrit: चक्रवर्ति; Pali: cakkavatti) is an ancient Indian term used to refer to an ideal universal ruler, who rules ethically and benevolently over the entire world.. Such a ruler's reign is called sarvabhauma. It is a bahuvrīhi, figuratively meaning "whose wheels are moving", in the sense of "whose chariot is rolling everywhere without obstruction"...

The school is spread over 54 hectares (130 acres) and has an enrollment of 250 cadets. A Hawker Hunter jet aircraft gifted to the college by the Air Chief Marshall N.C. Suri is placed in front of the administrative block..India arranged for Hunters to be purchased in 1954 as a part of a wider arms deal with Britain, placing an order for 140 Hunter single-seat fighters;simultaneous to an announcement by Pakistan of its own purchase of several North American F-86 Sabre jet fighters..The RIMC in 1922 was run on the lines of an English public school - Wellock College, a feeder to Sandhurst..Alumni of the RIMC are known as "Rimcollians".. Rimcollians have held high positions in the Armed Forces, many becoming the Chiefs of Staff in the Indian and Pakistani Armed Forces..There is fierce competition between the houses which well continues for the rest of the life among the Old Boys or the Rimcollians... one's mind dwells on the objects of Senses, fondness for them grows on him, from fondness comes desire, from desire anger..Anger leads to bewilderment, bewilderment to loss of memory of true Self, and by that intelligence is destroyed, and with the destruction of intelligence he perishes...
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