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Arrow Master Gas System


L/cpl Yale + New Oil Route (1952) From Iraq..

Iraqi troops have seized control of a town inside the Saudi Arabian border after a fierce battle in which both sides suffered casualties..William Yale, was a Lance Corporal in a US Marine artillery unit based south of Al Khafji in Saudi Arabia..Sometime during the night we were awakened by our section chief and told to pack up our gear to move out..We were used to this because we had conducted night-time artillery raids against the Iraqi troops..The Allies destroyed at least 24 Iraqi tanks in the fight for control of Al Khafji..Twelve American marines lost their lives - the first Allied casualties on land since Desert Storm began 14 days ago..Air Group 11 commander Colonel Manfred REITSCH, 3rd Marine Air Wing Captain Pat RINK - talk about the bombing campaign..

Gulf War (179 of 374) - Desert Storm Broadcast (New Zealand) 30th January, 1991..

According to Joseph Barnett, the man she had most recently lived with prior to her murder, Kelly had told him she was born in Limerick, Ireland, in around 1863—although whether she referred to the city or the county is not known—and that her family moved to Wales when she was young..Barnett also recalled Kelly mentioning having se7en brothers and at least one sister..One brother, named Henry, supposedly served in the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards - Early 1879/81 - For two years there are only scant details of Kelly's movements..For at least some time he is living in Brighton, and he spends a period serving aboard an American Man-o-war - Kelly takes lodgings at 37 Collingwood Street, Bethnal Green with the family of fellow upholsterer Walter Lamb - Rochdale v Hereford United..

Kelly's Heroes (1970) Official Trailer..

As the director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Gen. Colin L. Powell during the gulf war, General Kelly played a major role in regulating the flow of news from the military to the public via the news media..In addition to his responsibilities with the news media, the general helped plan the operation known as Desert Storm, and the military action in Panama that removed Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega from office..Asked in one briefing whether sending B-52 bombers to attack a single Scud missile site was comparable to killing a fly with a sledge hammer, he replied, My own personal opinion is that's a delightful way to kill a fly..In many cases Kelly is an Anglicisation of the Irish surname Ó Ceallaigh, which means "descendant of Ceallach" or it can also mean warrior or fighter..In other areas, notably in Cornwall, Isle of Man and probably in Antrim, the name Kelly arose from Celli, meaning man of the woods..Even our grrreat army has gone soft..Soldiers wear beards and question orders... not for the reason they think..It was purely the force of suggestion..The victim's belief in possession helped cause it..And just in the same way, this belief in the power of exorcism can make it disappear...

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