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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
isn't one of the enduring perceptions that the killer had some level of expertise with a surgical knife?

can such a skill be demonstrated in the case of merrick?

also why would he carry out such a crime? Would he not be more interested in paying money to get his end away rather than carry out a very specific form of crime involving the removal of female body parts?

if he took the parts where was he keeping them as he was staying in very modest hospital accomodation where little would have escaped the attentions of hospital staff

No i think he makes a weak suspect
No I don’t think Merrick had anything to do with it at all.

I suspect it goes something like this Masonic Lodge with surgeons and police abduct the victims. Take them to the hospital dismember etc the body then dump on the street after organs removed. Common sense. Common purpose.
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