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Originally Posted by kappy0405 View Post
It's very telling that all the 'good bits' (other than his coverage of Bilderberg) are basically just left/right wedge issues where Alex just agrees with the mainstream of the Republican Party.

There is nothing particularly special about any of those things. You could see all that from Fox News or Glenn Beck.
As obvious as Glenn Beck was in the shilling department for FOX, the craziest thing is, he's absolutely nowhere near as dangerous as what Jones is.

If Jones was batting for the people, first thing you would do is expose that the immigration policy is a huge divide and conquer tactic. You would expose all the anti-Islam propaganda benefits no one except the elite, you would be exposing the obvious tactics they are using when it comes to the black people in the US, and the Mexicans etc.

Yet, it's him who's actually doing a much better and bigger job of spreading that hate filled divide, the Alex Jones show looks like FOX news on steroids lately.

And I'm accused of shutting down information for highlighting this fact.

Fucking crazy how gullible and dumb some people are.

Hey, and you know what, let's cut the shit... if the guy was a good actor I'd probably give these people the benefit of the doubt, but he's fucking atrocious and like you said, my whole core and soul just cringes when I see him do his performance, how anyone buys into that shit still is beyond me.
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