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Originally Posted by sambrokyl View Post
Played a major role in exposing Bilderberg. Is currently trying to get Clinton put in Jail. Recently called out BLM and exposed their crap. Exposed Obama before he became president, pretty much predicted what he would do. Exposed Obama care for the total con it was. Actively fights the TTIP.

My point is, you don't get to cherry pick what the bad bits are and ignore the good bits just because it fits your hatred and your argument.
Well that's what shills do, the information was already coming out, you can't point to the truth parts in what he is saying and totally ignore the glaring bullshit and divide and conquer tactics he has been doing.

Wouldn't be much of a shill or have any kind of a following if he spoke 100% bullshit all the time.

And I am not cherry picking, I'm just pointing out the bullshit.
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