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Originally Posted by teardropexplodes View Post
Wicca is a fake religion cooked up from crowley's twisted christian public schoolboy imagination.
It's designed to turn people away from European paganism.
Crowley had no particular interest in Wicca . True he infiltrated and took over 'witchcraft' and it became Wicca . He had a big influence on gardener . But crowley had his own unique system , Thelema ... his own religion ... If he could not get people to follow his system , then he infiltrated what people were into .. witchcraft ... and so had an effect.

Crowley was not "one of the good guys" (quote Mr B) .... none the less he laid the foundations of a glorious religion which is destined to guide humanity into a new civilization ....

He had the main idea , Yoga, Love (sex) and drugs , but he expressed it in a mad chaotic frenzy , in a negative way...

Christianity did have a beautiful positive origin , but was rapidly corrupted by the dark forces.

Thelema had a malevolent origin and is now being infiltrated by the good guys ..

Things are reversed because we are moving out of the dark times .

Both christianity and Thelema , had in their original expression both polarities.
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