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Ummm…...I guess I am guilty of shopping at these kinds of places. lol Gotta get my sage and Japanese incense. I work "white or natural" energies, I don't put a label on it or terminology for it, but some call it "white magic". White, hedge, or green witches.

BUT I also know or have researched a lot about the occult dark magic side, very different energies based off pretty much gay love and sacrifice of animals and people, and demon work. (You would have to be asleep to not notice at least some of this stuff. lol) Stealing energies. Ya know, them Steeler's fans with their high feminine voices, lol, jk jk. If you do Reiki, then you will notice the difference between energies of say a Hedge Witch and a Saturn Worshiper. You could find more Saturn worshipers at a mass in the UK, then at a Pagan Joy Festival, and we wont get into the home of Saturn -- the Kabbalah folks. Just being real real honest right now. The Annunaki/Saturn do not care about your ideologies, and just want new bodies to live in...….to be really honest. DONT DO IT!!!! They have nothing to do with the ancient ways on Earth other then hiding behind existing terminologies/images. The Chronicles of Narnia will tell you a lot more truth then the actual bible we have, but oh.....there is "magic" in Narnia......its bad, right? No, energy is magic.

Anywho, even the practice of flesh eating is more common then we think b/c of the spread of Saturn worship. They believe in sucking the actual energy of the person thru their flesh and they gain that youth and even the beauty of the person they sacrificed. That's what they teach, and got a ton of those at my current place of work. lol People that are already beautiful on the outside too, that just believe thru these practices that they become more beautiful. Its sick!! This is why brand and beauty is the most important thing to a possessed occultist, they almost all are alcoholics and have sleeping issues., they have to keep themselves busy to go around ever feeling regrets or emotions.

They steal, but We Raid.

Times have changed.

Time has changed.
Peace, Love, Sage, and Orion's Belt!!

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