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Crux constellation..
The tank is the 20th century realization of an ancient concept: that of providing troops with mobile protection and firepower.. The internal combustion engine, armour plate, and the continuous track were key innovations leading to the invention of the modern tank..Many sources imply that Leonardo da Vinci and H.G. Wells in some way foresaw or "invented" the tank.. Leonardo's late 15th century drawings of what some describe as a "tank" show a man-powered, wheeled vehicle with cannons all around it..The machines described in Wells's 1903 short story The Land Ironclads are a step closer, in being armour-plated, having an internal power plant, and being able to cross trenches...It is frequently claimed that Richard Lovell Edgeworth created a caterpillar track.. It is true that in 1770 he patented a "machine, that should carry and lay down its own road", but this was Edgeworth's choice of words..The first combinations of the three principal components of the Tank appeared in the decade before World War One..The story opens with an unnamed war correspondent and a young lieutenant surveying the calm of the battlefield and reflecting upon the war between two unidentified armies...

Ramses II chariot Battle of Kadesh ..

The ankh appears frequently in Egyptian tomb paintings and other art, often at the fingertips of a god or goddess in images that represent the deities of the afterlife conferring the gift of life on the dead person's mummy; this is thought to symbolize the act of conception..Codex Glazier, designated by siglum copG67, is a Coptic uncial manuscript of the New Testament on parchment.. It is dated palaeographically to the 4th or 5th century.. Textually it is very close to Greek Codex Bezae..The manuscript has some illuminations; at the end of the manuscript, on additional leaf, it has a picture with a great crux ansata (cross with handle), a motif appearing in Coptic textiles and stone sculptures..

The Stranglers - Tank..

The word tank was first applied to the British "landships" in 1915, before they entered service, to keep their nature secret. Several explanations of the precise origin of the term have been suggested, including..It arose in British factories making the hulls of the first battle tanks: workmen and possible spies were to be given the impression they were constructing mobile water tanks for the British Army..The term was first used in a secret report on the new motorised weapon presented to Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, by British Army Lt.-Col. Ernest Swinton..

A biography of Winston Churchill states that, to disguise the device, drawings were marked "water carriers for Russia." When it was pointed out that the title might be shortened to "WCs for Russia," the drawings were relabelled "water tanks for Russia," and eventually the weapon was just called a tank..(In fact, the prototype was referred to as a water-carrier for Mesopotamia).. The Russian connection is that some of the first production Tanks were labelled in Russian "With Care to Petrograd," as a further security measure)..Crux Ansata H. G. Wells living in London under the regular bombings from across the English Channel extensively attacks Pope Pius XII and Roman Catholicism, beginning his polemic with "Why do we not bomb Rome?"..The book also forms a basic history of the Roman Catholic church and fulfils a positive propaganda role..Progressive ankylosis protein homolog is a protein that in humans is encoded by the ANKH gene.. Mirrors of beaten metal were also often made in the shape of an ankh, either for decorative reasons or to symbolize a perceived view into another world..Chariots were effective for their high speed, mobility and strength which could not be matched by infantry at the time..The best preserved examples of Egyptian chariots are the 6 specimens from the tomb of TuTANKhamun... tank detachment unit 5.. Repeat message.. U.S. tank detachment unit 5. Repeat.. Over to you..Over..What's that piece you're playing?.Forever.?.and ever..Amun...

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