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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
its a tricky one isn't it?

apple are in that struggle with the FBI at the moment over encryption

perosnally i believe that its all wide open already because apple are part of the corporate network and the corporate network has planned backdoors into their tech from the beginning because a major part of the tech is to spy on the populace but to sugar coat the technology as entertainment or as social necessity

the tech is in effect a backdoor into our lives

My ipad has a complex passcode, is set to wipe itself after five attempts, and never leaves the house...but the big thing is the Internet Connection Record aspect of the Investigatory Powers Bill.

I guess the best we could do is hope to make that data collection as complex as possible by renewing / trying to force a change of IP address quite regularly. Unless a side-effect of the legislation might be that all ISPs start giving their customer's static IP which case, I'll go and do all my surfing parked up outside the local McDonald's!

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