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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
Ok there's something I want (with me this is rare as I'm not of that mindset, normally with material things) but now and again... in a local shop round here they've got "Tales of the Unexpected" complete DVD boxed set (122 episodes ) priced at £35. I keep going back in to look at it, touch, hold it. Now, it works out at only 28.6p per episode if you do the math, so it isn't that expensive for over 60 hours entertainment. But £35 is £35. I've thought about this object everyday for over a week now. I put my request in to the Universe. I've also mentioned it on this site now. Does collective manifestation work ?

Time will tell.
The collective thinking is probably the worst thing you can do. You are still following the false new age thinking.
I never tell anyone what I want to manifest until I have manifested it. Others will contribute their negativity to it e.g. criticism etc to block your wishes.

There are much to learn cosmic and you haven't started your step 1 yet.

Start practising something easier? If you do it everyday then you'll soon increase your strength. But I wouldn't do it in the light. Everything germinate from darkness including plants and babies.

btw, good teachers will only drop breadcrums (hints, direction) here and there for you to picking up to go on. Never a slice of bread and they make you work hard. It's up to you to seek that information for yourself. And the student has to have thirst for knowledge to the point that they spend every waking hours studying, even while sleeping. There is NO short cut. Most people will give up there about. My circumstance left me no choice but learn. You may be short of cash but nobody is coming after for your life so there is no urgency, is there?

The good place to start manifestation is to cleanse yourself. This is like...the basic necessity. You must be looking like the crusty man in my OP. lol Why do you think wealth will come to you if you are looking like that? Everybody think, if I visualize, it will come. No...buddy. There is whole more to it.
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