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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
All well and good, but how then do you therefore ratify the random manifestation by your world view ? What then, is the intent and purport (if there is one). How does this fit in with the overall manifestation mindset, given there's no such thing as a random thing in this entire universe ? Everything has purpose. "Your dinner" you may well answer.

Yesterday I found a little stubby red Argos pencil somebody had dropped on the pavement, which ended up in my pocket. Always handy. Pencils. Gave it a good home. Yet again we see random manifestationalism, or is there some greater force at work here, a dot joining I simply cannot comprehend... yesterday 20g of pencil, today 1.6kg of Beef Lasagne...what happens tomorrow...and the day after...
I can think of a number of things but it's for you to work it out cosmic.
Why do you think that if someone gives you something 'good' is a good gift?
It may not be. I could be a poisonous one (not physically or chemically but spiritually).
If you see an object or animal, is it a sign? You need to be able to decode these things.
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