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According to V.K.Durham the trust she protects is worth well over 600 trillion and is alotted to the states if they meet constitutional requisites by reinstating states sovereignty via the 10th amendment.

the same trust Tim Turner boasts about getting funding from , although he is lying and is actually an agent created for the sole purpose of destroying that trust which is liened against the federal reserve.

The interest on the trust has pushed it near or over the quadrillion mark and the fed is trying to make the debt negligible by issuing enough debt to america to erase the trust allocation of 24% to the sovereign states.

JP Morgan and crew have no way of paying off the bond that was purchased in or around 1870, that they issued while stealing money and gold to bankroll peru's export buisiness. The ONLY way they can tender the debt is by using Tim Turner to try and steal it by falsely claiming to restore sovereignty or to issue debt beyond the trusts means to deal with it.

It would appear were looking at a similar swindle as that which stole the king of prussias money and, took the bank of england over handing it to the rothschilds.

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