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computer running v slow again today

more from bill still -

this is the w/s of bill still who created 'The Secrets of Oz' video

Welcome to the Secret of Oz

Mon - 15 Nov
SoZ on Zero Hedge

SoZ was positively reviewed on Zero Hedge last night:

Sun - 14 Nov
2010 Bromsgrove Keynote Address

Friday night, October 29, 2010

Opening remarks given by Bill Still to the Bromsgrove Monetary Reform Conference in England.

The global economy continues to crash. Unemployment continues to spiral upwards. Government budgets are tightening dramatically in the wake of the bursting of the global real estate bubble -– a bubble that was specifically caused by banks being in complete control of the money supply instead of sovereign nations being in control of their national money. That is the basic problem that we are facing, and until this problem is addressed, no amount of national austerity can stop this continuing cascade of negative economic events.

England is trying the last thing there is to try -– drastically cut government spending -– austerity. But as those of us in this room are acutely aware, this is not going to work.

So it is our obligation to be able to say why this is not working and offer a reasonable solution. We call the solution “monetary reform.”

So what is monetary reform?

Monetary reform rests on two great inviolable pillars of truth.

Pillar #1. Government borrowing must be forbidden. The money power -– the power to create the national money -– is the most important power of a sovereign nation, in fact, it is the very definition of sovereignty. Nations do not have to borrow, nations can create.

The problem is that when the nation borrows from a bank -– as Proverbs tells us -–the borrower becomes servant to the lender. That's not sovereignty!

So what is the result? The nation becomes addicted to the loans, and the banks then have power over the political system as well as the monetary system. So, you no longer have a sovereign democracy; you have rule by banks.

Political science has coined a term for this -– plutocracy. This is our primary problem with the economy of every nation today. They have allowed the national debt system to predominate. I say, no more national debt!

Let's use the US example today. Mr. Obama has stimulated the economy with about $2 trillion. But here's the problem -– he has borrowed the money -– borrowed the money mostly from the biggest banks, with interest attached.

What has he done with this money? He has simply turned around and given it -– given it -– back to these very same banks. This system just can't get any worse!

Pillar #2. Banks must stop lending money they do not have. This, as we all know, is called the fractional reserve lending system. It allows banks to lend out not twice as much money at interest as actually have; not three times as much; but now, 10 to 12 times as much.

If you or I did this, we would be charged with fraud and/or counterfeiting. This fractional reserve system allows the banks to consolidate the wealth of the nation, and that, combined with a national debt, allows them to use that leverage to control the politics of the nation to be sure that their power is protected and even enhanced. Again, this is the very definition of plutocracy.

Tally sticks –– 1100 A.D., King Henry I, the first Norman King of England, and the son of William the Conqueror, had this exact same problem. This is why he created the tally stick because the goldsmiths had discovered that they could control the King by withdrawing their loans of gold money. Since their gold money was the most convenient money to use –– trading grain for deer skins worked, but was less convenient –– when they stopped lending it out, there was less in circulation –– the overall supply of money dropped, and this caused a depression.

The people didn't understand why there was a depression, so they blamed the King. So, the goldsmiths got used to being able to bully the King by the mere threat of reducing the money supply. This is exactly what's going on today, just in a little more sophisticated way.

This power of the goldsmiths is bad enough when they only control the quantity of lending in the broad population, but it is further amplified when the sovereign, himself, is a borrower from the goldsmiths –– “the borrower shall be servant to the lender.”

So this is a two-pronged problem. When the bankers have control over the money supply -- the quantity of money -- then the government is no longer sovereign –– is no longer the supreme power of the land, and most importantly can no longer operate in the public interest. Government determined by the citizenry and directed by their elected representatives is literally all that stands between us and serfdom –– rule by banks.

In today's world, the democratic aspects of government have been significantly eroded, entirely and completely because government has lost these two great pillars of truth –– government is borrowing from bankers –– and government has lost control over the quantity of their national money.

This is why we know that no amount of austerity or further government borrowing can possibly fix this problem.

This week in England, I've met with some wonderful younger folks who've latched onto these essential truths, both formally and the monetary reform community, and last night I met up-and-coming students at the London school of economics. These young, inquiring minds, realize that the old ways aren't working –– that something is very wrong. They can't get jobs the way their parents could just a generation earlier. They are now propelled –– through both self-interest as well as the normal idealism of young adults –– to start looking outside the box of their traditional training for something that will work. They see the future –– even better than we do –– and they're going to fix this.

This is wonderfully encouraging. Now, more than ever before, I'm convinced that our reforms are inevitable –– and in the relatively near future. The truth of the manipulation of our money supply can no longer be hidden. These fresh young faces will supply sufficient youthful energy to finally break humanity free of the enslaving shackles of the debt money system.

Sat - 13 Nov
Quantatative Easing Explained in Cartoon

This is a great little cartoon explaining quantatative easing.


As you watch it, keep in mind; the problem is NOT the Fed. They are just the fall guys -- the curtain in front of the wizard. The Fed is just facilitating and running cover for the big banks, JP Morgan, Goldman-Sachs, etc. Then the big banks use their titanic wealth to buy influence in Congress to keep this system of ripping off the American people in place. The question is: who is in control?

PROBLEM: It's not what backs the money, it's Who Controls the Quantity.

SOLUTION: Monetary Reform creates a stable, sustainable monetary system - one that we have used time and time again in history -- ALWAYS with positive effect. The two great pillars of a sound monetary system are:

1. No More National Debt.

Sovereign nations don't have to borrow money, they can create it without such debt. You prevent inflation simply by limiting the quantity of money. If Congress can't borrow, they have to pay for their programs immediately by immediately raising taxes. This will severely limit their enthusiasm for spending.

Proverbs 22:7 - "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender."

2. No More Fractional Reserve Lending.

Banks can only lend money they actually have. Right now the biggest banks control how much money there is in our system. The Fed pretends to control these banks, but it's really the banks controlling the Fed for their pleasure, and ALL money is created as a debt to the American people.

Proverbs 22:7 - "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender."

WHAT MONETARY REFORM IS NOT: This is not Communism! The 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto reads:

"5. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly."

That's not what I want! I do NOT want credit centralized in the hands of the Fed -- the STATE -- as is virtually happening right now. We want a healthy banking system providing a competitive market for borrowing and lending and services like checking and savings accounts which they provide for a fee.

Why? If Bank X doesn't like my politics and so won't give me a loan, I can trot over to Bank Y and get that loan. Competition -- the essence of the success of the American system.

Right now, all money and power is being centralized in the hands of the top 5 biggest banks and the Fed is being used as the curtain behind which this giant rip-off of the American people is taking place. When it crashes again, the blame will be put on the Fed and an even worse system -- an international system with gold backing -- will be offered as a replacement. See the next article.

Mon - 08 Nov
World Bank Wants Gold Backed Money

The basic purpose for producing "The Secret of Oz" was because I saw this coming -- a world in economic meltdown due to the violation of the two pillars of a sound monetary system:

1. No government borrowing. Sovereign nations must create their own money without debt, not borrow it into existence.

2. Banks can only lend money they actually have. Fractional reserve lending must come to an end.

The false solution would soon follow the collapse of world economies -- gold backed money. Now here you see it, the President of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick.

Reuters 1:44am EST, November 8, 2010

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Leading economies should consider readopting a modified global gold standard to guide currency movements, said World Bank president Robert Zoellick.

Writing in the Financial Times, Zoellick said a "Bretton Woods II" system of floating currencies is needed to replace the Bretton Woods fixed-exchange rate regime that broke down in the early 1970s.

Zoellick called for a system that "is likely to need to involve the dollar, the euro, the yen, the pound and (yuan) that moves towards internationalisation and then an open capital account."

He added: "The system should also consider employing gold as an international reference point of market expectations about inflation, deflation and future currency values."

Gold hit to a record high at $1,398.35 an ounce in early trade on Monday on concerns of a continued weakening dollar trend after the U.S. Federal Reserve last week acted to resume buying Treasurys.

"The dollar is losing its relevance especially with the emergence of Asia economies, so a more neutral benchmark may be required. Gold, amid all the recent uncertainty, is proving its worth," said ANZ's senior commodity analyst Mark Pervan.

Gold later retreated to around $1,391 an ounce as speculators booked profits, and other analysts said the bullion market was still digesting Zoellick's comments.

"Going forward that would be something that we could look towards, but it's not going to happen within a short period of time," said Ong Yi Ling, analyst at Phillip Futures in Singapore, adding that gold prices barely reacted to the comments.

The dollar rose sharply on Monday as unwinding of dollar short positions that began with solid U.S. jobs data snowballed, pushing down the euro to its lowest level since the Fed embarked on fresh easing last week.
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