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Gods, Goddesses and so on all tend to have different names, yes,
just like Moloch was called Molech, Molekh or Molek, but has he ever been represented by an owl? Never.
Proof might change my opinion, but there is none. Moloch, the one you sacrifice children to,
(which btw is probably a christian invention) is just not the one they seem to be worshipping at the Bohemian Grove.
Then again, this could all just be a big damn joke to them or worse,
this could all be the doings of a christian group that is trying to bring down those who are trying to keep the ancient knowledge alive.)

Ted: The Lilith association is a good one, I also thought about it myself,
but it somehow doesn't seem to fit. Lilith is much more associated with the serpent than any other animal,
whereas Minerva is with the Owl at all times. She doesn't 'fit' the dollar bill spider webs either. :F

Also, where is the proof that freemasonry is older than christianity?
(-edit- 1390 is the oldest proof found, according to wiki)
To my knowledge they only started in the 17th century.
(And If something is older than christianity, that's the Goddess worship that included Lilith.)

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