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I get where your coming from. With the beer I mean. I only have the time to post when I have the time to drink beer.


As tragic as that is. There's lot of things that need boycotted.The things we enjoy and things that make our world go round are built on exploitation. The device you use to post your condemnation is probably built by low paid people. The clothes you wear are probably made in some sweatshop. Yeah, companies say they are all for fair practices. But they are all for profit. Some may be different. How the fuck would I know either way? The food you eat, the medicine you take, the car you drive or bus if you don't all need oil (and we all know the cost of that in human misery). If not to work then in the manufacturing process and ultimate delivery to us. The consumer.

No it's us that are the real guilty party. The consumer. We buy this shit. Propping up and enriching the very thing we condemn. People in the western world got sick of being exploited. And what happened? The industrialists found other mugs to do the work. It's time the Asians and Africans did the same. Maybe, hopefully, one day they will. But of course, the exploitation of people requires the cooperation of the leaders of the exploited. The guilt is widespread. Today the Chinese government are selling their own people out for trade. The western companies send their designs and materials over there on a promise of fair play. They even go out and inspect (all warned in advance though) and we (and you and I know it's not fair) buy the goods.

I don't even bother feeling bad now. What I can do is use alternative products where I'm not certain.
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