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Originally Posted by marquro View Post
I would like to apologize for my English. The text has been translated by google translator.
I have been dealing with a topic for a very long time. Deepening the Awareness, experiencing the daily mental enslavement which is to convince human behavior to the simplest activities that support the physiology of the body. Reading various articles, I come to the conclusion that all content related to this topic is very censored. Most of the forums created in this topic are created by practitioners, using the resources of people who have no idea about the sphere in which people using the techniques interfere in our lives.
The biggest problem I have encountered is the immense powerlessness in the awareness of manipulated persons who are tightly protected and directed at ignoring the information provided. It is about attacks of aggression in the moments of moving related conversations. As the penetration through successive layers of masks and protective layers does not bring results, and if it brings only momentary, and all conversations boil down to even greater aggression of higher power (at the moment within 2 weeks broken car and broken head attachments biceps. Immobilized for several months) I decided to share my problems. . I hope that I will get any help, and at the same time gather people with similar cases.
I will try to describe the situation in which I find myself in a more readily available form ..
Imagine that somewhere on the outskirts of the city is discovered energy source with a huge energy value fully renewable. All the factions of energy groups in Poland are beginning to be interested in this source (Of course, we accept the problem of the factions belonging to different political parties). Each of them creates a direct connection. An energy node emerges, and as you know, at every energy node there must be a tap and someone who controls it. The natural course of things is the problem that the political group will be opening, of course, through an energy faction. So I'm creating a conflict, scuffles and some sort of battle for a cock, of course. The source is illegal because someone made a borehole on private land without the consent of the owner. The matter is even more confusing than it seems, because there are people who saw how on a private property someone is doing a well, so as a very rich spring, various types of connections are made "on LEFT". There is also the matter of monitoring neighboring supermarkets and private properties, which means that the scuffles of controlling the tap must be invisible. As you know, politicians are able to get along and the idea of sharing a tap is created. Until the middle of the week LEFT SIDE, the rest of the week is dealt with by RIGHT SIDE, and on the weekend Neighbor, who saw the whole incident. Well, everything would be beautiful if not for the fact that the owner of the land suddenly notices that in his garden a spring has been created that pollutes his area, buildings that he does not want to see, and it turns out that this ground is his whole life. There is no PROBLEM saying the ruler, the owner is patted on the shoulder, so he must be proud that the god's hand rested on his shoulder. It is ensured that the matter is temporary and any publicity is unnecessary. The source must be very important, because it happens that the shareholders of nearby supermarkets become quite random people associated with energy factions, and private properties become the property of the company's CEOs. The owner ceases to like it even though the patting turned into the rest of one and the other hand of the god, and before the eyes began to appear sunglasses at first, and then the eyes themselves began to close. To make matters worse, in addition to the knot and tap to the mysterious garden, the tankers began to descend and land fighters and helicopters. The owner has unfortunate incidents, his beloved garden has become a logistic center, and the protection of the building has ceased to allow him to enter the concrete square, which continues to expand its infrastructure. He begins to receive unpleasant emails that he is the problem in all this situation because he has an incomplete picture of the situation, brings numerous pollution, and is a pessimist and has flip-flops. For everything to function, and the open garden does not cover sluggish machines, of course, there are appropriate decorative barriers.

Here we will start the topic of decorating various kinds of flowers "concrete gardens" called bunkers by me. Florists deal with such topics. So that the Eye Slippers do not have to be too dark, clever operators of taps employ appropriate florists with certain types of cheaper or more expensive flowers, so that the view behind them does not terrify too much. The entire undertaking is of course closely related to the selection of the land with the spring, the relevant energy fractions, which constitute the quality of the spring, the control of all infrastructure belonging to the land, and finally the selection of appropriate florists and flowers.
Now imagine that the Garden is our wife or child, the spring is the aura it has, energy factions are the aforementioned groups of elites (army, police, media, the company we work in), neighboring infrastructure are the neighbors, and trucks and helicopters are free ghosts that found out about the spring.
The material is quite scary and of course has nothing to do with the life that surrounds us, because as you know there are many points of view. I would just like every garden, regardless of whether it is beautiful, wonderful, has a fence or it has not remained in the hands of the owner. Each borehole was made in areas adapted to it, legally and as it is created so that everyone was satisfied with this fact.
Dear reader, do not allow your family to turn from a beautiful garden into a concrete square from under which is pressed the life-giving energy supplying the elite. Do not let yourself be persuaded that behind a beautiful hedge consisting of beautiful shrubs with even more beautiful flowers surrounding "your beautiful garden" is equally wonderful view, and when you walk around "your lands" you feel calm, because if it means that you also stood a shareholder in the entire undertaking.
On the blog I put a lot of interesting articles and my experience related to dealing (coping) in hard times. I am going to put a full story related to the initiation but every next day spent writing, my garden grows over the weeds.
Every attempt to fight the existing situations causes huge unpleasantness in everyday life. Currently within a month:

1. A car accident after trying to talk on a sensitive topic
2. Broken muscle (surgery in the hospital, as yet 2 months l4)
3. During the accident another car accident (next visit to the hospital)
4. As if that was not ANOTHER CAR accident

My friend, I think much was lost in (google) translation.
“Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?" That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the current, in the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere and that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future.” ? Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

Y Gwir Erbyn Y Byd ("Truth Against the World") - Druidic Motto
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